About Exact Editions

Welcome to the Tumblr of Exact Editions! We'll be using this space to share promotions, as well as free stuff and some of the bits we like from the titles we work with.


Exact Editions produces digital content for some of the world's most prestigious magazine and newspaper brands, enabling them to mobilise and monetise their products online and via the App Store and Newsstand.

The Exact Editions digital platform offers a range of services to publishers: Universal Subscriptions, apps branded for specific magazines, free apps in iTunes, e-commerce solutions and free open publications, as required.

Since its inception in 2005, Exact Editions has consistently been at the forefront of digital publishing development. Its headquarters are in London, UK.


Visit us anywhere on the web:
  • www.exacteditions.com
  • publisher.exacteditions.com
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    There are some absolutely incredible photographs in Kite World this month.

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